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Thorough | Integrative | Holistic

Innate Therapies is a results-centred health service. 

Always working within her current scope of practise as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Olivia selects various soft tissue techniques with a thorough assessment and treatment that focus' on the client's individual needs. Olivia loves working with a broad range of clientele, any one of any age or gender, is always welcome at Innate Therapies!

Respecting the fact that every person is unique and that the human body functions as a whole unit, Olivia considers the many inter-related systems and lifestyle factors that can manifest within the body through the biopsychosocial framework. 


Innate Therapies may incorporate many effective soft tissue modalities that may help to over-come various musculoskeletal conditions such as muscular tension, TMD, sinus/headaches, digestive issues, ligament/ tendon sprains, chronic pain, Repetitive Sprain Injuries, postural deviations, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, nerve impingement, thoracic outlet syndrome, etc.


Olivia is also very passionate about supporting women's health and loves working with women during pregnancy, menopause and adolescence. She may also help with alleviating pains or discomfort related to menstruation, premenstrual syndrome or hormonal imbalances.


Innate Therapies is all about empowering people through professional and nurturing self-care!

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