What is Massage?

Massage is a soft tissue therapy and one of the oldest forms of healing as it has roots back to ancient India 3000 BCE.  A remedial massage therapist “aims to reduce or eliminate pain, and restore normal function of muscles and joints. It can help increase joint mobility and flexibility, stimulate the lymphatic system and promote blood flow, particularly to injured areas” as stated by Medibank. 

Innate Therapies may adopt various endorsed modalities such as cupping and infrared therapy to assist the effectiveness of the treatment. Remedial massage therapists are only qualified to work within their scope of practice, therefore you may be referred or suggest other health practitioners such as Myotherapists, Osteopaths, GPs or counsellors if your therapist deems it in your best interest to do so. 

What other modalities are available?


Cupping therapy has roots in ancient Chinese medicine which utilises plastic or glass cups to create negative pressure in appropriate areas using speciality techniques. Essentially the overall purpose of cupping is to promote health and healing by loosening soft tissue and connective tissue, scarring and adhesions, moving stagnation and increasing lymphatic flow and circulation.


This aims to facilitate joint mobilisation and deep soft tissue release. These cups are moved over the skin using gliding, shaking, popping and rotating techniques while gently pulling up on the cup, or may be parked for a short time. This suction reaches deep into the soft tissue, attachments and organs. Another benefit is to pull toxins and inflammation from the body to the surface of the skin where the lymphatic system can more readily eliminate them. 

TDP Heat Lamp

The lamp projects a narrow band of infrared rays that are specifically suited to subsurface heating of the human body. This type of heat increases blood circulation to injured areas, promoting tissue repair. These medical appliances are commonly used throughout Chinese hospitals as they are considered extremely effective for healing when used correctly. 


With informed consent, Innate therapies may use aromatherapy, liniment, tiger balm ointment, ice gel, hydrosols and Magnesium spray.

For more information on our modalities, ask our friendly staff. :) 

How do I pay for my treatment?

Innate Therapies accept card or bank transfers as acceptable forms of payment. 

A $50 deposit is required to secure your booking. This is deducted from your overall treatment price which is paid at the clinic.

Our POS machine allows us to take in-treatment card payments which is a tap-and-go system but there's also an attachment for those cards that need to swipe.

For health care rebates, we simply email you an invoice in which you upload to your health care fund who then pay your rebate back to you.

Can I claim Private Health rebates?

Yes, Innate Therapies does offer health care rebates. 

For health care rebates, we simply email you an invoice in which you upload to your health care fund who then pay your rebate back to you.

Where are you located?

We are located at 1/204 Myers Street, Geelong.

We operate in from the front studio room right on the corner of Swanston and Myers Street. There is an Innate Therapies sign on our front door to eliminate any confusion. 

We also have free parking available along the surrounding streets. 

What Association is Innate Therapies with?

Innate Therapies is a proud Member of 'Massage & Myotherapy Australia'.

Click         to visit their website for more information. 

What are some possible side effects to a massage treatment?

You may feel the effects of a treatment more depending on how long it was since your last body treatment, any underlying injuries or illness, your mental health, insomnia, drug/ alcohol use, caffeine, food intake, dehydration, etc.

Something to be really aware of is that everyone is different, therefore different people respond differently to certain treatments. Which is why communication between the therapist and client is key during a remedial massage. At the end of the day, the treatment is for the betterment of your overall health and a trained remedial professional is there for that.

Some of the potential side effects of a remedial massage are listed below.

All of these symptoms are usually the body's temporary reaction to various natural and normal biomechanical consequences of working with taut soft tissue.

Not to mention, that there has been research conducted on our Mind-Body connection where our emotional pain can manifest as physical pain in our body also (but more on that another time).


The lymphatic system is essentially responsible for removing waste (allergens, bacteria, excess fat, viruses) from the blood.

If you have too much lymph in your body, it can build up in the tissues under the skin's surface — the same tissues that are manipulated during a massage. It would make sense, then, that remedial work could cause your body to suddenly be flooded with those toxins in your lymph, making you suddenly feel nauseated.

Drinking plenty of water, sipping ginger tea, gentle stretching and breathing exercises are all ways that can help allay any signs of nausea post-treatment.


Deep remedial work through the neck and shoulders can sometimes cause the muscles holding tension or pressure to release and cause a headache.


As a result of releasing tension, feeling tired or groggy can be a factor after your deep tissue massage.

Releasing tension in the body can reduce stress, whether physically, mentally, or both, yet these symptoms shouldn’t last longer than a good night’s rest after your session.


Release of muscle tension and stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.


Lightheaded symptoms can be caused by postural hypo-tension, abnormal blood pressure levels, increased circulation of lymph and blood, dehydration, anaemia, emotional stress or anxiety, Prescription medicines or eating disorders.

Lingering pain-

Naturally, your muscles are going to feel some soreness after a massage, since this penetrates the uppermost layers of muscle. Muscles will then feel relaxed, potentially causing fatigue or muscle aches.

But again, any discomfort you feel should subside after a few days maximum. There are so many benefits to massage and you might want to consider switching up the style of massage therapy you receive. I recommended opting for a light Swedish relaxation session for a gentler approach.

I hope this clarifies some points. Always communicate your thoughts or express any concerns to your therapist and a trained professional will be able to work through any queries or challenges with you.

What should I do before my massage treatment?

Please arrive on time to your appointment. Early arrivals may be asked to come back at appointment time.

When you arrive at the clinic, you may let your presence be known to staff by ringing our doorbell and we will be with you asap. 

What is the late-notice/ cancellation policy?

We have a 15 minute late window for appointments, if you arrive past that time we will have to cancel your booking and charge a late fee of $50. Additionally, any late arrival past the scheduled time will be deducted from the appointment duration accordingly.

If you can no-longer make your scheduled appointment, please contact us with at least 24 hours notice. Any cancellation prior to 24 hours will incur a $50 cancellation fee. 

You can contact us to reschedule or cancel your appointment via phone or email.

Who can book a treatment with Innate Therapies?

Here at Innate Therapies, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional health massage services to all people of all ages because we believe everyone deserves to live their best health. Our staff have had experience with working with clientele from all walks of life and encourage anyone from the ages of 5-85+ to book an appointment with us.

We have an extensive screening process and will ask clients necessary questions for their safety prior to treatment to ensure our massage service is right for them.  

Please note that Innate Therapies welcomes clients to bring any carers, guardians or children to their appointment if they wish to do so. All we ask is that we are notified of any third parties 24 hours before our appointment, otherwise we may have to reschedule. We do have a limit of one other person in the clinic due to                      precautions

What safety/ security measures are in place?

Innate Therapies have a current Working With Children's Check, First Aid certificate and Police check.

We also have a security camera facing the front entrance of the clinic, so please be aware that you are being recorded as you enter/ exit the premises.

Our front door is locked at all times to ensure safety.

We have information available in-clinic on support for mental health, family violence and our COVID safety procedures. We can only offer the information recommended by the Australian government and other authoritative bodies.

Please refer to our                         page for details relating to our response to the current pandemic. 

What procedures are in place in response to COVID-19?

Please refer to our                        page for details relating to our response to the current pandemic. 

Do you offer pension/ concession discounts?

Yes we do! We hope to make our therapies as accessible as possible for everyone who needs them. Therefore we offer suitable discounts to eligible clients. All we require is proof of your concession upon payment at the clinic.


How do I redeem my Gift Certificate?

ALL GIFT VOUCHERS are redeemed by referring first to our online booking system to determine any suitable availabilities and then emailing us your voucher code and preferred time/ date to innatetherapiesgeelong@gmail.com

We will get back to you asap to confirm your appointment. 

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